Win For Notes


So last night my short film NOTES won film of the month for March at Shortcutz London.  I also met Elliot Grove of Raindance (again), asked him a couple of questions during his Q&A, did another Q&A myself and was interviewed on camera for a podcast.

It was another enjoyable evening in Camden and a huge thank you to all of the Shortcutz crew and the judges. | Tumblr | Twitter

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Video Interview with DirectorsLive and IndependentFilmer


I received my first video interview request with regards to my career so far from the indie filmmaker websites DirectorsLive / IndependentFilmer, both based in the States.  Despite not really being used to being in front of the camera I agreed and actually found it quite enjoyable and a learning experience (I tend to talk on tangents sometimes it seems, need to be more concise).

The video is featured on the front page of both sites:

Direct links for future reference:

With the company based far away on the other side of the world we recruited Sam Jordan to shoot and light the interview and Carl Bryan to conduct the interview.  Huge thanks to both of them!

Thanks also to Chris Kontakis from both of the sites for getting in touch, guidance and putting the whole thing together. | Tumblr | Twitter

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Interview in F.64 Magazine


If you head over to the F.64 Magazine website you can view the latest issue which happens to feature an interview with myself.

You will need to sign up to read to the online version of the magazine but the team promises to never send you spam.

It’s a lovely magazine and was a really enjoyable interview. | Tumblr | Twitter

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Shortcutz London


NOTES will be screening in London on Sunday (13th March) as part of Shortcutz in Camden, there will be a Q&A and other lovely short films and special guests.

Come along and say hello.

Proud Camden
The Horse Hospital
Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
NW1 8AH | Tumblr | Twitter

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Chicago Zine Fest


My film Notes will be screening at the Gadabout film curated DIY film festival at the Chicago Zine Fest.

It looks like a lovely DIY event and it’s a shame I cannot use it as an excuse to go and visit Chicago.

In other Notes related news the film has been getting a lot of love on Vimeo over the past couple of weeks, thanks to some excellent users discovering the film and including it in their subscriber heavy channels.

Cheers chaps!

Go and watch the film here:

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Bearsuit – When Will I Be Queen (Music Video)


New music video directed by myself back in late December, my second for Bearsuit and Fortuna Pop! Records.

Director: James Sharpe

Director of Photography: Chris Moon

Editor: Owen Davies

Colour Correction: James Sharpe
Camera Assistant: Stu King
1st AD William Whittam

Camera Department:
Benjamin Harding
David Bain
James Jellings

Thank you to all the extras who practically froze to death during this shoot.  You were all such great sports.  Thank you also to Ben at Outpost in Norwich for being lovely to us and letting us use their building.

Please check out my Tumblr blog for more frequent updates and analysis.

Cauliflower on 2Pause


The music video I directed for Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s single ‘Cauliflower’ has now made it on to the lovely Submarine channel’s 2Pause website.

Please check out both sites, they’re both ace resources for films and music videos.

Never Let Me Go + Notes


Starting 25th Feb my film Notes will be screening before Mark Romanek Never Let Me Go at Derby Quad.

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Blog Changes


WordPress is a pain in the arse.  There I said it.  Now lets move on.  Unfortunately I am not a computer genius and a lot of wordpress is beyond my skills, even the parts of it I know how to use often simply refuses to work and make me want to stab things.  So I’m going to be making a few changes.

This blog, this one right here, the one attached to my domain is going to become my workblog.  A kind of extension of the minimal news section in the main site.  Things like the majority of the photoblogging, mind thoughts, rants and niggles will be transplanted into my tumblr blog which I am finding more and more is generally a better platform for this kind of thing and has a community that wordpress simply does not allow.

Also, possibly against my best judgment, I have opened up the popular ASK ME ANYTHING section of Tumblr.  But, I have disabled anonymous posts because basically, there is a shit ton of crazy people out there and I know people who have been harassed by an incredibly stupid and useless person(s) before.  So for now, only members of Tumblr can ask questions and I welcome as many questions about film and filmmaking and will answer fully and honestly.  So please ask away!

So please head over to my Tumblr.  I am going to stop using my Posterous account (which already posts my mobile photos to Tumblr) and just post directly to Tumblr but always nothing but a go between (one that works really well though).  Also, my Livejournal will stop being updated, which is a shame as it was my first blog and I had conversations on there with some very nice people, but lets face it the place is dead and falling apart.

Anyway, I’m going to stop all of this, all this talk of blogs is a bit dull when I could be talking about that time I saw Black Swan and got a bit annoyed at the use of mirrors in the film…

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I don’t talk often enough on my blog about the workshops I teach.  I have been delivering workshops and lecturing since around 2007, when I discovered it was a great way to be working in a relevant filmmaking field and reinforce and expand my existing knowledge.  It turns out explaining to students how filmmaking works actually help you yourself gain a better understanding of it all.

I have been mainly lecturing at Derby University (usually in the second semester) and delivering workshops for Quad on a regular basis.  Here are some up and coming workshops which I am teaching most of which can be found HERE but here’s the lowdown:

Free Creative and Media Training Courses January & February 2011

QUAD is offering FREE practical Creative and Media Training Courses throughout January as part of QUAD’s Cultural Landscape Programme supported by EMDA.

Each course will be delivered over two days at QUADs digital studio, with participants working to an event based brief, and are suitable for unemployed adults, graduates, people disadvantaged in training, education and the labour market or those working in the creative industries / freelancers.

These courses are for:
• Local people in Derby seeking employment
• Graduates taking their first steps into employment
• Those working in the creative industries / freelancers.

Please note that only individuals who either live and or work in Derby City will be eligible for FREE courses. You must be able to attend the full 2 day programme.

Video Production – Document events through filming and editing

How to:
• Film interviews and record sound
• Use video production hardware and software (High Definition, broadcast quality, professional independent film production kit and editing software)
• Film and edit footage

Course Dates:
3 – 4th February – 9.30am – 4.30pm
17-18th February – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Short Film Production (Beginners)

A six week course on Tuesday evenings.

1st March – 5th April 2011 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Course fees: £140 (£112 concessions)

This 6 week beginners course will introduce you to short film production using HD video. It will cover mostly practical elements and the theory behind the practice.  
Experienced film maker, James Sharpe, will provide you with key skills, tools and advice to advance in independent film making. You learn how best to implement affordable film making equipment to create better short films.
Areas covered will include: Interpreting a script, pre-production planning, camera skills and composition, audio recording, directing actors, creative applications of editing & colour correction. 
Please note the outcome of course is not to create a short film but to learn the practical skills and theory in order to do so.

Click here to book your place or contact the QUAD Box Office 01332 290 606.

I need to advertise these on here more often as I find Quad do not always use many of the advertising opportunities available to them.  I also teach regular Final Cut Pro workshops, which run three or four times a year now.  I’ll post the dates when they are available.